My top 5 Christmas designs

One thing I love doing is finding designs I love that help inspire some of the work I do today.

With Christmas fast approaching (6 days and counting!) I’ve been scouring the internet for some of the best Christmas designs I’ve found online.

So without further ado here are my top 5 Christmas graphics:

5: Apple Christmas card 2013

5ef57de35696aa7c8254e75f9597abd5Sometimes less is more and that’s exactly the point I want to make with my first choice.

Some people think graphic design is all about lots of bright colours and fantastic illustrations.

But this simply isn’t the case, this simplistic design really grabbed my attention when I found this on Pinterest.

The only thing I’d change on this is perhaps connecting the baubleĀ  up on the edges.


4: Quality Street Christmas advert

dfb999e993bad5c8e004586156038f1dThis advert by Quality Street really grabbed my attention and just proves that you can design something out of anything.

I love the variation of colours, I think this is what grabbed my attention the most.

And the tag-line “Creates Magic Moments” really fits well with the graphic, I’m even thinking of trying this one myself when we crack open the chocolate tin on Christmas day ( if I can get my hands on it!)

3: ‘pointing and decorating’

b9fa3ff46d75b4b2bbeb1433a4330b3eThis ‘pointing and decorating’ design I found whilst purchasing my Christmas cards for the year.

I picked up this card for my Dad, who’s profession is a painter and decorator.

I love the creative eye this designer has, I’d have never thought of getting a pointer to look like a Christmas Tree, and to be honest feel a little embarrassed that I never thought of this myself!

2: Xmas party invitation

d6b6dce7d8e8a9de7929c52241660b4c This invitation for this ‘Xmas bash’ really grabbed my attention, it may not use the traditional colours of reds and greens you see in most Christmas graphics, but I think that’s one of the reason this caught my attention.

The typography used really makes this peace, and to find fonts that work well with your designs can be one of the most time consuming parts, because get it wrong and your graphic will look terrible.

The colours, spacing and overall appearance of this peace is really on point on this piece and was difficult decision as to where to place it on this list.

1: Barclaycard Christmas Dinner Info-graphic

0e352bb4d18731a3370491fa6a9a5bc7I always tip my hat to anyone that makes an info-graphic, the amount of work that goes into these are crazy and getting it to flow well is difficult.

However this Barclaycard Christmas info-graphic is on point.

The fusion of photos and drawings work really well, the artistic design of the pencil drawing and the somewhat high quality photos did not only make me hungry whilst looking at this but inspired me to one day make a info-graphic of this quality one day.

I also learned some interesting facts for the next Christmas pub quiz too, always a bonus.

So this concludes my top 5 Christmas graphics, this was a really fun post to create and hope you enjoyed reading is as much as I did writing it.

And if you have read this far I’d like to thank you and wish you a very merry Christmas.




Jake Watkins • December 19, 2014

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