Website Merchandise project

As part of my course, I was ask to design simple merchandise for the site, these won’t acutally go on sale but had to doccument the process and actually order one as a sample.

I decided to go for a simple design of a hoodie with the site logo on, I made this decision based on that most sites release mechandise that incorporates just the brand so this look is something I decided to go with.

I found a website called My Personalised Hoodies on google, the site has a really easy to use system where I was able to upload my logo to the site and place it where I liked on the hoodie.


The site has a range of colours, sizes and styles to suit my design, and are resonably priced too, definatly in a students price range anyway!

The test purchased I made for my course arrived this morning and the quality is great, very happy with this purchase and come with my highest reccomendation.


Jake Watkins • December 23, 2014

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