Hot Foil Printing And Its Uses

Foil printing or foil stamping is a commercial printing process. It involves the application of metallic foil in various metallic colours like gold, silver and copper or patterns onto paper and then being stamped by a hot die. This leaves the design of the die on the paper in a metallic shiny colour as shown below. The foil stamping process can be made into 3D with embossing. An example can be seen below.foil-Stamping-04

Traditional hot foil printing machines use a metal printing plate or a die or loose letters similar to that of a typewriter. Using pressure and heat the design of the die or the letterpress is imprinted directly onto the product in the form of foil. This process is ridiculously quick and in fact the cycle takes less than a second per item. These machines can be manually used, otherwise known as offline or through mass foil printing.

There are a number of different ways in which a foil printer can be used. Essentially foil printing is used in graphic design and adds a generally more sophisticated tone to a product. In fact foil printing is so widely used in marketing that we barely notice it and least of all understand the process.1057933799_15120317455775105760



Jake Watkins • August 5, 2015

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