Top 10 Best Trends That Ever Happened To The Digital Design World

Over the years as technology and techniques for Digital Design have developed, trends have also come and gone, some successful, others not so. Take a look at their case studies and you won’t be disappointed. Here are what I believe are the best to have ever passed through the world of Digital Design.

1. Mobile Design

Seeing how people are never without their mobile phones and are online 24/7 through it, proves just how much this trend is worthy to be on top of the digital design trends. More companies are even focusing on having a mobile-friendly site since it’s also a plus when it comes to Google algorithm.

2. Card Based Design

Though this trend maybe a little retro, it’s still popular among websites. But then giving the card based design a bit of twist, making it functional, self-contained, and flappable, to match the current quality of designs.

3. Privacy

This is crucial since our personal information is easier to end up in the wrong hands if the sites privacy setting, that we visit, isn’t as secure.

4. Digital Branding

Building a company’s brand is important if they want to build loyal customers and gain more profit from their product or service. These days, strengthening an enterprise brand online is as vital as the traditional branding.

5. Longer Scrolling Websites

If we’d go way back in the digital design perspective, everybody would say no to this. But now that they have found they key to make this trend work, which is to make sure you catch their interest within 5 seconds of seeing your site, almost everyone adapted this trend.

6. Vibrant Design

It’s hard to turn away from a site that is so bold in every area, provided that every aspect complements each other in terms of their vibrancy. No wonder this trend clicked so much.

7. Keeping It Simple

This is the opposite of vibrant design. Don’t be surprised that this trend worked out. Why do you think polarizing effects appeals to people so much? If there are individuals who favor flamboyant designs, there are those who prefer minimalistic form design London.

8. Hidden Main Menus

In harmony of simplistic designs, designers came up with the idea that not every page of their website should show the main menu. Instead, they use icons or “burger” that when you click will show the hidden menu.

9. Large Typography

Having a huge impact to the viewers is what designers are after. This is the reason why large typography is likely to be around for a long long time.

10. Performance And Speed

People’s attention span nowadays is getting shorter and shorter. You make them wait for more than 15 seconds for your site to load and you’ll surely lose them. As a result websites pay more attention to their performance and speed now more than ever.

Jake Watkins • February 22, 2016

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